Intel takes Apple’s side after facing acquisition of patent infringement

Illustration (photo : dragan jovanovic/

Illustration (photo : dragan jovanovic/ – Intel takes Apple’s side after facing acquisition of patent infringement. Apple may have found a new ally in its legal fall-out with Qualcomm. Intel has now taken a stance against Qualcomm after the American chip manufacturer demanded Apple to replace the LTE modems manufactured by Intel, placed in GSM supporting iPhones.

Intel has come up with a strong acquisition against Qualcomm insinuating that the latter is trying to wade off competition from its only challenging rival. A spokesperson from Intel stated out loud and bold, “Qualcomm did not initiate this investigation to stop the alleged infringement of its patent rights; rather, its complaint is a transparent effort to stave off lawful competition from Qualcomm’s only remaining rival. These arrangements foreclosed rivals like Intel from competing for Apple’s vital business. This twisted use of the Commission’s process is just the latest in a long line of anticompetitive strategies that Qualcomm has used to quash incipient and potential competitors and avoid competition on the merits.” Intel believes that Qualcomm has been proffering chip sets to Apple at low prices to curb competition.

It is quite an ironical fact that Intel is trying to sack Qualcomm for its anti-competitive conduct. Intel has also been accused and charged with similar practices a few years back. A heavy fine of $1.4 billion was imposed on Intel in Europe. With three giants of the tech industries tugging among themselves on their home ground we can expect the battle to go on for quite some time until a final decision is made. Qualcomm has already been slapped with an antitrust fine of $1 billion and $834 million in China and South Korea a year ago.