Justin Bieber $10 million copyright dispute dismissed

Casey Dienel alias White Hinterland ini mengklaim bahwa lagu "Sorry" telah mengadopsi bagian dari lagu miliknya.

Casey Dienel alias White Hinterland ini mengklaim bahwa lagu “Sorry” telah mengadopsi bagian dari lagu miliknya.

Acaciapat.com – Justin Bieber $10 million copyright dispute dismissed. A US district judge has dismissed a long-running copyright dispute concerning music artists Justin Bieber and Usher, centring on their hit song “Somebody to Love”.

On Thursday, January 5, District Judge Arenda Wright Allen ordered that all claims (pdf) against Bieber, Universal Music Corporation and Def Jam Recordings were dismissed with prejudice.

In 2013, musician Devin Copeland filed a copyright infringement claim at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in 2013, claiming that his song, of the same name, was infringed and requesting $10 million in damages.

Copeland wrote the song in 2008 and it featured on his album “My Story II”. Later that year, Copeland registered the song for copyright protection at the US Copyright Office (number PAu 3-554-480).

In 2009, Copeland entered into discussions with music promoters Sangreel Media, a company that helps artists get in touch with industry professionals and music labels such as Island Records and Sony Music.

According to Copeland’s claim, Sangreel passed on the song to Usher, who Copeland said responded positively to it and suggested he should join the singer on tour.

Nothing materialised and in 2010 Usher posted a version of his song “Somebody to Love” on YouTube.

Usher then produced two more versions of the song with Bieber—one that featured on Bieber’s March 2010 album “My World 2.0” and one that was a re-mixed version containing vocals from both Bieber and Usher, released later that year.

The district court refused to hear the case, and instead granted Bieber and Usher’s subsequent motion for summary judgment.

But, in June 2015, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit revived the claim, after ruling that versions of the song, “Somebody to Love”, could be intrinsically similar to Copeland’s.

Then, in November last year, WIPR reported that Judge Douglas Miller said that Bieber and Usher should be granted summary judgment of the copyright case.

Source : World IP Review