Donald Trump receives IP policy ‘roadmap’ from US tech companies

by – Donald Trump receives IP policy ‘roadmap’ from US tech companies, US President-elect Donald Trump has received a letter from a political lobbying association about which intellectual property policies he should prioritise.

The Internet Association sent its letter to Trump on Monday, November 14. It includes suggestions on patent reform and safeguarding safe harbours.

The letter was sent by president and CEO Michael Beckerman on behalf of its 40 member associations.

Its members include Airbnb, Dropbox, Spotify and Google. The Internet Association was formed in 2012 by Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

The letter said that the internet sector is responsible for 6% of the economy—nearly $1 trillion of gross domestic profit in 2014.

“Our country’s foundation of digital entrepreneurship flows from policy decisions the US government made long ago to encourage continued innovation and a vibrant e-commerce marketplace,” the letter said.

These policies have allowed the industry to flourish in the US and its products and services have been exported worldwide, the letter added.

“Included with this letter is a roadmap of key policy areas that have allowed the internet to grow, thrive, and ensure its continued success and ability to create jobs throughout our economy. Thank you for your consideration of the following policy priorities.”

Outlined in the letter are key policies such as the safe harbour in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Safe harbours “provide flexible yet robust parameters” where responsible internet companies can operate in good faith “in order to grow and adapt across time and technical evolution”, Beckerman said.

He added that safe harbours provide legal certainty, which fosters innovation for online ecosystems.

Beckerman also praised copyright law, as it is “foundational” to the internet industry’s ability to enhance “free expression, creativity, and commerce”.

He also mentioned the importance of digital music services, and suggested that the US Copyright Office should be modernised to ensure it meets the needs of stakeholders and the public interest in the 21st century.

Additionally, a “dynamic and multifaceted” approach to patent reform is also suggested, in order to maintain competitiveness and economic growth in the country.

The US Patent and Trademark Office can also help implement “meaningful practices” for upholding patent quality.

“Continued efforts to increase the efficiency of the patent review system are all key components of fostering a system that produces higher quality patents,” the letter said.

Source : World IP Review