DC Comics targets Valencia CF over ‘Batman’ logo


ipnews.acaciapat.com – Publishing company DC comics has targeted Spanish football team Valencia over claims its bat logo is too similar to images it owns for its superhero comic book series Batman.

The New York-based publisher said Valencia’s new logo could cause confusion with fans of the superhero, who has appeared in many comic books, movies and TV shows.

It filed a notice of opposition with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market earlier this year over Valencia’s planned new logo for the next football season, which it likened to two images it owns for the character.

Valencia, real name Valencia Club de Futbol, play in Spain’s top football division La Liga. The club has used a bat on its logo since its inception in 1919.

Images depicting Batman have changed numerous times since the character was created in 1939.

A bat has been a renowned symbol in the Valencia region since the 1300’s with the Crown of Aragorn, a former composite monarchy, having a bat as part of its symbol.

Neither Valencia nor DC Comics immediately responded to a request for comment.

It is not the first time a football club has been involved in a trademark dispute.

In 2002, former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham  also known as ‘Posh Spice’ – objected to Peterborough United’s attempts to trademark the club’s nickname ‘Posh’. [ Source : www.worldipreview.com ]